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Models Yulia Smetana, Katya Clover Nude Art by ArtOfDan
You can book me for your art photo and video projects. I have an extensive experience in front of the camera since my teen years and is still big part of my life every day.
I am located on the Canary Islands, so plan your next art-holiday ahead? For valuable projects I am willing to travel too.
Besides me I have also a huge database of amateur and professional models at disposal.

Book Yulia as a model
YulieArt Model nude on the bed, erotica

Book Yulia as a photographer

YulieArt Photographer Yulia Smetana, singles, couples, men, women and nonbinary
I have been working as a photographer since 2011, focused mainly on weddings, fine art and erotica.
Since 2020 I am focusing on nude art, home-video, erotica and porn-art which has always been my passion.
Plan your next holiday on the Canary Islands where I am located and let me make the best photos and videos of you, your partner, or well, you both!
My rates start at 150€ for a session and include archive quality retouched photos.

Please note, that I strictly separate personal content from my artwork gallery so your photoshoots are strictly private, only made for you. It is up to you how much you show the world.
I publish photos of my customers only with explicit agreement and work fully according to GDPR.

Book Yulia as a photographer
Nudist, nude photographer Yulia Smetana photographying naked couple.

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